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Our Tack Barn

We have one large FCP tack barn designed by NorCal Structures.

This barn was designed with our clients needs specifically in mind.

Check out all of the cool features we have in the tack barn below!

Our Client Tack Rooms

We have three large tack rooms with individual lockers for each client.

Each locker has two saddle racks and a four hook bridle rack along with assorted shelving space. Each locker has the ability to be locked by the client.

Our Restroom

We have a fully functioning plumbed bathroom! 

We opted to include a small shower as well for the clients who come to ride before or after work. It also has a wall of cubies so that clients can use it as a dressing room.

Our Kitchen and Laundry

We have a full fridge as well as an commercial washer and dryer so that our clients no longer have to do thier stinky "horse laundry" at home!

We have a standard fridge with an additional deep freezer for our clients ice boots

Our Tacking Stations

We ave 6 indoor tack stations located directly across from each of our client locker rooms.

We opted for 4 additional covered wash stalls along with 4 farrier stalls in our covered farrier/wash station adjacent to our tack barn,

Our Front Porch

We covered two 12x12 porch areas off the front of our tack barn for our clients to enjoy watching the excitement in our covered arena. We have outlets, fans and lights for each space, which makes it an ideal place to hang out!

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