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Our Stall Barn

We have one large FCP stall barn designed by NorCal Structures.

The barn was designed with the horses comfort and safety in mind.

And we have an assortment of configurations to fit every horses need.

I know - it is just a barn.... but check out all the cool features below!!!!

Our Raised Center Aisle barn

We opted for the Raised Center Aisle barn and purposefully left the eaves above the aisleway open. We also added an additional open foot at the back of each stall to provide additinoal air flow. 

Two stall sizes

We have the standard 12x12 option as well as the larger 12x16 option

Varying stall fronts

We have two different designs on the stall fronts. Most of the stalls have yoke double grilled doors with a shavings gaurd. However we added a few dutch door fronts for the horses that need their heads locked in.

Varying divider walls

Most of our stalls are the 2/3 grilled dividers. This allows the horses to see each other and for airflow between stalls, but allows for privacy by the feeders. Our dutch front stalls have solid dividers for those horses that like their privacy. 

Our barn fans

We went with a heavy duty performance industrial ceiling fan in this barn. We wanted enclosed motors that could handle the heat and moisture in the winter without the risk of particals getting in the motors. The fans are on a temperature controlled system and come on when the barn gets too hot. We have two operating modes, one that sucks air out the top of the RCA, and one that will push air down onto the horses. 

Our attached 24' matted paddocks

We went with oversized attached runs for our barn. We chose upgraded welded wire paneling to keep the horses from fighting against the panels, and to top it all off we matted them! This is a HUGE benefit here in California where rain can turn paddocks into a sloppy mess for weeks or even months in the winter. With the matted paddocks we are able to let the horses outside 365 days a year!

Our 150' attached pastures

If our attached 24' runs didn't impress you, then our attached pastures off the back of the paddocks will! We have 150' pastures right off the back of the barn. Each paddock is shared between 2-4 horses so each horse gets plenty of time in a larger turnout each day!

Our Fly Spray System

We have a PYRANHA automated fly control system in the barn. It comes on 5x daily and really helps abate the flies in the heat of the summer. Love the Pyranha products and this system is a must have in any horse barn!

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