Boarding Options /Rates

Stalls are cleaned and bedded daily. Horses are fed up to three times a day.

We have mix and grass hays available with each horse getting up to 4 flakes a day.

Stall - 12x12 with attached 24 foot matted paddock


Stall - 12x16 with attached 24 foot matted paddock


Stall - 12x16 with larger attached paddock (limited)


Mare Motel - 12x24 matted open air stall


Private Pasture Board with Shelter


Group Pasture Board with Shelter


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Turnout Options for Boarding Clients

Our stall barn has large runs at the back of each horse's paddock.

We also have a separate mare motel turnout, and have 3 irrigated pastures

6days/week daytime turnout into large runs: 2-4 hours/day


6days/week Night turnout into large runs


5days/week turnout into irrigated pasture: 2.5+hours/day


Personal client based turnout session (max 2 hours) in irrigated pasture


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Additional Options for Boarding Clients

Upgrade to XL locker


Extra Deep Bedding


Extra Flake of Hay each day (each flake over 4)




Pyranha Fly System Charge (barn only - summer)


Graining (pre-bagged, once a day)


Trailer Parking on propery (limited) gooseneck


Trailer Parking on propery (limited) bumper pull


Trailer Hay (anything in addition to what you horse normally gets)


Bag of Shavings


Bale of Hay (Grass or Mix)


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