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Site Flyovers

About the Owners

Dana & Bryan Todd

Dana's love for horses, combined with Bryan's love of the outdoors sparked the idea of owning land in the long run to raise a family. In 2016 Dana's favorite piece of land almost sold to a housing developer and they knew it was time to make a move! They purchased the land in June of 2016, broke ground in Sept, and opened BSEC just in time for 2017! 

Make sure to check out the article on BSEC in Riding Horse Magazine!

Our Hay/Shavings Storage

One of our favorite buildings here! Empire Steel structure, put up by Rackley Steel. I think it took them 3 days to put the whole thing up! We have three bays total, one for shavings/equipment and two for hay!

Our Farrier Wash Station

We have 4 farrier stations and 4 wash stations under a cover next to our tack barn! Sergio from Allstate did all the prep, and Rackley Steel put the cover up in 1 day!

Our Mare Motel

We have an 8 horse mare motel with welded wire panels between each horse. Sergio from Allstate did all the prep, Rackley steel put up the roof in 1 day, and NorCal Structures- Your Modular Barn Specialist installed the mats!

Our Stall Barn

We absolutely love our RCA FCP Stall barn put up by NorCal Structures- Your Modular Barn Specialist. It has a raised center aisleway that we left open for additional airflow, and a foot gap at the back of each stall for even more airflow! We have an assortment of stall fronts and dividers to suit every horses needs, as well as some larger stalls for those horses needing a little extra space! We also have 24 foot matted paddocks with welded wire divider panels, so our horses can enjoy the fresh air all year around! And for the cherry on the top we have 150 foot runs out the back where our stall barn horses can be turned out during the day or night!

Our Covered Arena

Butler Steel building contracted by Champion Contractors and Rackley Steel Erectors!

Size: 120x200

Our Tack Barn

Our fabulous tack barn from NorCal Structures- Your Modular Barn Specialist. We have 6 tack up stations, 3 locker rooms, one trainer tack, one office, one utility room (wash/dryer/fridge) and one full bathroom! We absolutely love this barn!

Our Fencing and Pastures

Installed by Dillon Greenwell at Boundary Fence! He has done an excellent job on the entire site. I highly recommend him for any of your fencing need! We were able to get some amazing products installed from Ramm Fence, and we love how it is all turning out. Safe and happy horses in our pastures here at Big Sky!

Site Grading and Prep

We broke ground in September and Sergio had his hands full with site grading and prep.

Here are initial photos of our site grading and prep

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