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Check out all the fun our clients are having!

Sara and Pema

Adison and Fabu out on cross country

Brooke and Riley killing it on course

Haley and Liam over the training corner!

Ellie and Ivy flying high!

Diego and Lauren in Montana 1*

Alison and Nikko


Haelie and Stoney

Avery and her new horse Breeze!

Sheylynne and Hope!

Adison and her new horse FABU!

Buddy gets a new student Cora!

Claire and her new mare Lily!

New client Peyton and Bono!!

Tommy as a 4 year old

Teresa and twinkle toes Johnny!

Cara and Bo

Sara and Pema join our team!

Claire and her new horse Lily!

Allison and Buddy!

Vintage Farms 2016

Adison and Bobby flying high

Adison has a shadow

Adison and Bobby 1st place Prelim Woodland SS

Lauren and Diego Rebecca Farms 2016

Lauren and Lacey 2016

Danny and Haelie

Shayna Nikki and Haelie Woodland SS 2016

Shayna buys Regal!

Meagan and Jedi Rebecca Farms 2016

Rebecca Farms 2016

Lauren and Lacey Rebecca Farms 2016

Dana & Jax Prelim Fresno 2015

2016 Galway 1* Adison and Bobby

Woodland SS 2016

move in day!

Haley Lauren and Devon Woodland SS 2016



Liam and Haley Woodland 2016

Lauren & Diego 3rd CCI1* Twin 2016

Holiday Party 2015

Lauren & Regal Prelim Woodland 2016

Nikki and Haelie - our new Novice pairs 2016

Big Sky Grand Opening day

Nikki at the Pony club games 2016

We love our jumps by JB Horse Standards

Catherine & Anja Brookside

LLE team Galway May 2016

Adison & Bobby

LLE team Fresno Feb 2016

Haley & Faye Prelim Galway 2016

Kaiti & Bondie Woodside 2015

LLE & Vintage Farms 2015

Northern Mines Holiday Games 2016

Holiday Party 2015

Lauren & Regal Prelim Galway 2015

Ellie & Dakota Galway 2015

Adison & Danny Prelim Galway 2015

Dana & Jax 1st place Prelim Galway 2015

LLE team Fresno 2015

Dana & Jax 1st Woodside 2015

Lauren & Diego 1st place Woodside 2015

Haley & Faye Rebecca Farms 2015

Adison & Danny Rebecca Farms 2015

Rebecca Farms 2015

Lauren & Lacey Fresno 2014

Haley Lauren and Brit Galway 2014

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