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Our Mare Motel

When visiting a friends ranch in 2015 I got the opportunity to put my horse in a mare motel.

The design was all open air, and the horses really enjoyed it!

So keeping that design in mind we built an open air mare motel with a covered center aisle.

We chose the location adjacent to five large oak trees on our property to provide some afternoon shade. We have two additional fenced pastures off the shaded side of the mare motel that we use for day and night turnout of the mare motel horses. These are our nicest pastures by far due to the shade!

We custom ordered the panels that are in the mare motel, so I could offer the safety of the welded wire, and the 6ft height between horses. Then we added interlocking mats for the entire 12x24 stall. The horses are really going to enjoy the open air atmosphere in here!

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