Our Farrier/Wash Station

We abosultely love our Farriers here at Big Sky Equestrian Center, so we designed

 a Farrier station that had all the bells and whistles of a dream station. 

      - water

      - lights

      - mats

      - roomie cross ties (9x12) some with butt bars and some without -- 4 of them!!!!

      - shelter from the rain and sun

      - fans for those hot summer days

      - ease of access (farriers can back directly in front of each cross tie)

      - spacious dog kennel - bring your dogs to work!

Since we knew the farrier cross ties needed a cover, we decided to multipurpose the structure, and add a secondary row of cross ties for our wash stations. Each wash station is 8x10, and has access to both hot and cold water. 

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